Monday, March 17, 2008

Handsome Nugget Tins~

Happy Monday.. ugh! Okay, so I can't get enough of these little nugget tins. I just think they are so cute and such a nice little gift (and perfect for Easter)! I am on the path to being finished with all of the Easter projects I have been working on. I already made some nugget tins and posted them in an earlier post, but I was asked to make some for some boys for Easter and thought, well, I guess I need to tone down the colors from all of the pinks and yellows so I tried this plaid ribbon in chocolate and blues. I changed my nugget stamp to something a little less "girly" and didn't tie the ribbon in a bow, just a nice knot! I hope the boys like them. After all, it is still chocolate underneath all the stuff, right! hee hee. I am looking so forward to Easter. We go to brunch with some of our family and it is always so nice and so tasty too! Have a great rest of the week... ~Nicole

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abss said...

I love your crafts! They're so inspiring. I think the nugget tins are really neat and are an awesome idea.