Sunday, October 10, 2010

Truffles and More Cake on a Stick~

~Good Evening and happy Sunday to you!.. This is a quick post, but I just realized I never posted this. I just made 100 of the cakes on a stick for a co-worker's bridal reception this weekend and I was looking back at my pictures for the color scheme and came across this one.. I made truffles and these same cakes on a stick for her bridal shower and she wanted more just like them for her reception. I love making these. I can't wait to make some Halloween themed ones for our Halloween party. I did discover one thing when making these. I have read on the internet that you can use any type of melting chocolate for these, but with trial and error, buying the best chocolate you can REALLY makes a difference. I had a mess when I ran out of my good stuff and tried a package of the white chocolate bark, it didn't work quite the same at all. It wasn't smooth, and didn't dry quickly and I was so disappointed, so lesson learned, you get what you pay for when it comes to chocolate. You can find really good melting chocolate at a cake specialty or candy making supply store. For the truffles, I used the same chocolate for these. These are peanut butter and chocolate truffles and oreo truffles with oreo crumbs on top in white chocolate. Those were my FAVORITE! I need to make these again for the holidays for sure!! Okay, better get going.. have a great night..thanks for taking a peek!