Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Back... In Time for Halloween!!

~Well, hellooooo everyone! I am finally back in the blogging world girls! Yippee.. Where have I been lately??? Just super busy with the house, work, summer, and now fall, but I haven't stopped my stamping addiction.. Heck, no! I have been doing that as well. In fact, I really was excited to post tonight since I have some new pics to share with you! I have to say, besides Christmas, Halloween is my most favorite holiday. I love the season all together really. I just love the fall colors, the leaves, the pumpkins (the pumpkin pie, yummm-o!) and a great reason to have a themed workshop. I had a halloween workshop with some of my favorite women in the world, and some new ones that joined us too that I just was so excited to have join us! I took some pics of the projects before I packed them up and of the workshop. Unfortunately, my camera did not take many good ones, they were very blurry, maybe I didn't need the flash, so they came out really weird, but here are a couple of the ones that looked okay. It was a great time, my boss Pat (the only guy there) came and stayed the whole time creating with us and sharing time with his wife.. (sweet huh!) Thank you to everyone that attended! I had so much fun with everyone. I am so glad to get back to my blog. I missed this ya know! I have more pics I will post soon of a workshop I did a couple of weeks ago.. Be back soon with those.. have a great evening.

Close Up of Pillow Box Treats

Here might be a better picture of the pillow box treats made with the Big Shot pillow box die.

Workshop Treats

~I made a bunch of these little pillow boxes with my Big Shot and the Ghostly Greetings DP to give as a little gift at my workshop. These were so easy to make. They go together so easily and are so dang cute! If you need more information on these or the Big Shot, please let me know! Enjoy~

Party Girls~

~Here they are... hard at work on their projects. It is so fun hanging out with them all!