Sunday, June 27, 2010

Introducing Whoopie~

~Good Afternoon! Whoopie PIES that is.. We found an article at work that featured these whoopie pies. They are kind of like cakey oreos, like those new Oreo Cakesters. Anyway, I had to run out and pick up the book and I started with the original Chocolate Whoopie Pie with the Classic Marshmallow Cream filling. There are a ton of recipes in this little book, so I can't wait to try the rest, because they are really fun and easy and I like baking anything CUTE! It made quite a few too. I think I wound up with about 35. It was supposed to make 48, I think I might have made them a bit bigger than they said.. Oh well, I don't think I will hear any complaints about the size, LOL! Anyway, enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's For Dinner??

~Good Evening! I had to share this yummy pic with you tonight. My husband just created the most magnificent looking burgers for our dins tonight, don't you think?? We grilled the onions and they made the burger so good and sweet! It just looked too nice not to take a picture of! I always have to have BBQ sauce on my burger, then he made it a double (OMG!) so it was huge.. I shared with Oliver (my yorkie) and he was pretty happy! Anyway, I sure hope you are having a great weekend. Hellooo sunshine! Have a great night.. Thanks for looking

Friday, June 25, 2010

One more Pic~

~I posted all of them below, but here is a picture of one up close since they are a little hard to see! Take care~

Saying Goodbye~

~Good Afternoon! I just wanted to share a quick post today. It was one of our detectives' last day in our office today for nine months! He is a Lieutenant Colonel with the Air Force and he is going to be deployed to Afghanistan in the next week or so. I decided to make him his favorite flavor of cupcake so here they are. I dressed them up with a little reminder of where he is leaving (for a while anyway)! We wish him the very best and hope he returns to us safely. I wonder if I can ship cupcakes to Afghanistan, LOL! (probably not a good idea!) Have a great day and a sunny weekend..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Baby Shower~

Hi there! Wow, we are finally having such a nice day here today. Welcome sunshine, welcome! It is a bit humid and clouds keep coming in, but no rain, yay!!! We spent the whole afternoon doing much needed yardwork and I love when it is all done.. we are tired, but it always looks so nice and clean (well until it rains again)! Anyway, I was really honored to be asked to help with a baby shower for one of our friends and co-worker at work. She is expecting a baby boy next month! I knew this could only mean one thing, I could make the dessert for the party.. I immediately thought cupcakes!! Her theme is safari, so I found these cute pics to put in some of them and tried to use some of the same colors that she is using for the baby's room. I had fun making these and decorating my cupcake stand for the shower. We all had a great time! She is going to be such a great mom and we are so excited for her and her husband! Can't wait to welcome baby.. Well, time to relax and hang out with my hubby.. have a great weekend.. Take care and thanks so much for looking!