Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello... A new blog has been created!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Several people have asked if I have a blog dedicated to my sweet treats, and I thought yeah, I really need to do that. When I started this blog, it was pretty much dedicated to my love of stamping and papercrafts. Although I still love doing paper projects, much of my time lately has been creating recipes and treats for my other love, Pixie Cakes. So, please join me over at my new blog: I will still post things on this blog too, but I will try to post all of my sweet creations on my pixie cakes blog. Please take a look. I have a couple of posts so far, but I plan to add many more as more treats are whipped up! Thanks so much for inspiring me to start another blog devoted to Pixie Cakes. I will be adding an order form soon that you can print or email to me.. Thanks so much! Have a great day.. see you over there..!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oreo Truffle Pops~

~Hi there! Long time, no post! Here is my latest version of oreo truffles.. truffles on a stick, why not! I LOVE these delicious little treats... I am so glad I took the picture, because they are now all gone in a matter of about fifteen minutes!! I have made these before and posted them in an earlier post, but adding the stick and turning them upside down I think really works.. It makes them much easier to display and transport than the traditional upright cake pops.. but either way, they are tasty! Have a great day..!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

~Valentine Coasters

~Hi again! I wanted to post a picture of my latest set of coasters made for my home.. I needed some valentine's coasters and thought, heck, I will make my own! We had a workshop in December where we created handstamped coasters and we had so much fun.. it even continued it on to the next week and we all ran out and bought more tiles, so we could make more since we became so addicted to these things. They made great gifts for the holidays! Well, I had some spare tiles and I had just gotten this new Stampin' Up valentine stamp and I thought it would be perfect for my coasters. So, what do you think?? They came out pretty well. I also used the Stampin' Up french script background stamp in a soft gray. I added some cork to the backs of each tile after I completed the process. I hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and a good weekend too.. Thanks for coming back!!

Miles' Birthday Cupcake and Cake Pops~

~Happy Saturday! It's almost Valentine's Day and one of my most favorite holidays! How can you not love LOVE! Plus, if you know me, you know I LOVE pink and it is everywhere right now! Well, we just got through with another craft night. This time it was a cupcake party! We decorated lots and lots of cupcakes, made valentine's soap. We had so much fun.. lots of sprinkles and frosting on the kid's (and adults) faces!! When I got home I got started making these treats for my friend's nephew for his birthday party today. They are simple, but bright and cute! He loves my cake pops and asked his aunt for his own pops on his birthday, so here they are.. he needed a cake too, so what else, a matching giant cupcake! I also gave her some cute spiral birthday candles to add to the top, so it should be really cute.. Sorry for no posts lately.. I have one more today too! Happy Birthday Miles!!