Monday, June 6, 2011

Hello... A new blog has been created!

Good Afternoon Everyone! Several people have asked if I have a blog dedicated to my sweet treats, and I thought yeah, I really need to do that. When I started this blog, it was pretty much dedicated to my love of stamping and papercrafts. Although I still love doing paper projects, much of my time lately has been creating recipes and treats for my other love, Pixie Cakes. So, please join me over at my new blog: I will still post things on this blog too, but I will try to post all of my sweet creations on my pixie cakes blog. Please take a look. I have a couple of posts so far, but I plan to add many more as more treats are whipped up! Thanks so much for inspiring me to start another blog devoted to Pixie Cakes. I will be adding an order form soon that you can print or email to me.. Thanks so much! Have a great day.. see you over there..!

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