Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Football Cupcake Cake~

~Hi there.. I wanted to share my latest treat with you! My friend at work is celebrating her son's 40th birthday today and wanted to take him a special treat. He loves the Dallas Cowboys, so I came up with this.. I wish I would have had time to find some real NFL cake stuff, but oh well! She really liked it and couldn't wait for her son to see it. I hope he shares.. :) I had never used my giant cupcake pan before, so I was so glad it came out. You may not be able to tell from the pic, but the cake actually stands over ten inches high and is sitting on a dinner plate. It is pretty big. I cut out some fondant stars and added floral wire to the three on top and added pearl dust to make them all pearly and glittery. I am going to use this pan a lot more now. It is so easy and so fun.. my imagine ran wild with all of these cute ideas with my giant cupcake pan! Well, have a great evening and a great weekend! I think I will make some more cupcakes this weekend, funnnn!! Thanks so much!

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