Monday, May 24, 2010

Where Have I Been??

~My goodness, it's really ME! My friends and family have been telling me that I haven't updated my site in such a long time and I cannot believe it has almost been a YEAR! Where has the time gone? It sure isn't because I haven't been doing lots of projects, because if you know me, that won't ever be the case! I have so many things I need to get posted here, I promise I will very soon! Let's see, I have been helping with wedding stuff for our great friends, baby shower stuff for our friend here at work and mostly, I have been really busy taking cake decorating classes!! I have been doing this for the past four months and this week will be the finale cake! It has been a great experience, but so much of my time has been spent trying recipes, getting the class projects done, learning all of the new techniques and baking and decorating all of those cakes every week!! Those of you who have done any kind of cake decorating, knows how much time it takes to complete your "mini-masterpiece." My sweet mother-in-law told me this weekend that I should post some of my cakes on my blog and although I have been taking pictures along the way, I chose this one because it reminded me of one of my most favorite days ever, my wedding day. My cake did not look much like this, but the color was the same and so were all of the daisies, except I handmade all of these and my cake had real daisies (real seems easier now that I made all of these dang things)! LOL...It kind of looks like a bonnet on this cake board, but you get the idea! I really enjoyed this cake because it did remind me so much of our sweet spring wedding day. I am still working with the fondant, and trying to find a tastier recipe that holds up as well as the fondant I am using, but for now this is it. I have had a great time and hope to keep taking classes in the fall. I hope you enjoy, and I will definitely be posting some card projects too soon.

By the way, Stampin' Up's new catalog is coming out July 1st! Please let me know if you would like one and I will put you on my growing list... as always, if you order in July, it will only cost you $5.00, regular price is $10.00. I will be happy to mail it, deliver it, or whatever works for you. Please email or call and let me know. I can't wait to get mine... if you haven't already looked at the Stampin' Up website, please do! There is a clearance rack that has several cool items right now really discounted. Don't forget you can order online too, but I love to save you shipping costs, so let me know if you need anything and I can order it for you. I hope you are excited about the new catalog! Great to chat with you.. have a great day...

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